Porting In

Porting in instructions

AHA is not absorbing at this time.  This means we will be billing your agency.
Current utility allowances and payment standards 

To begin the Port-In process, you must contact your Housing Specialist at your initial housing authority for approval.  Once approved, your housing specialist at your initial housing authority will send the appropriate paperwork to the Aurora Housing Authority.  Paperwork can be faxed to 303-597-9020 or emailed to portin@aurorahousing.org

Once your paperwork from your initial housing authority has been received, you will be contacted to complete an Aurora Housing Authority eligibility packet.  Along with the packet, you will have to submit:

    • Copies of photo ID’s for anyone over 18 years of age,
    • Copies of social security cards for everyone in the household,
    • Copies of birth certificates for each household member, and
    • Current dated verification of all income you are receiving whether it be child support, wages, SS or SSI income, etc. for the entire household.

Once all of the documents have been received and are complete, you will be scheduled for a port-in orientation. 

Porting Out

Porting out instructions

To begin the Port-Out process, you must submit a written notice to vacate in accordance with your lease to your landlord and to the Housing Authority.  You must also submit a letter stating the name of the housing authority you wish to Port to, along with their complete address, contact person, email address, telephone number and fax number so we can forward your paperwork to that housing authority.  Notices to move or Port-out will not be accepted after the first of the month or if you are in the middle of a lease term.


Things to consider before moving

Moving to a new home can be expensive and difficult, even if you aren’t moving very far.  Here are some things to think about when deciding whether now is a good time to move:

  • Application fee(s)
  • Background and credit checks
  • Rental security and cleaning deposits
  • Internet, water, electrical, and other utilities
  • Hiring movers
  • Truck rental costs
  • Gasoline and other travel expenses
  • New furniture and/or appliances
  • Storage space
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Time off from work
  • A new childcare provider
  • New school registration