Emergencies are the highest priority of concern. The Housing Authority of the City of Aurora (AHA) will consider a situation an emergency if either or both of the two following are accurate descriptions:

A. The situation constitutes a serious threat to the life, safety or health of residents or staff; or

B. The situation will cause serious damage to the property structure or systems if not repaired within twenty-four (24) hours.

What is considered a maintenance emergency? An emergency is only what absolutely cannot wait until morning. This would include, but is not limited to a broken pipe that cannot be shut off, or a heater that will not work when the temperature is below freezing.

For after-hours emergency maintenance call:

303 .370 .0275

Residences at First / Connections at 6th
Emergency Number:
303 .331 .3148

I requested repairs in my apartment. How long will it take before the repair is completed?
All work orders are treated by priority of importance, and the requirements of Fair Housing. Emergency repairs such as gas leaks, floods, persons stuck in elevators, power failures, or any other life-threatening situations must be completed immediately. Urgent repairs such as clogged kitchen sink drains or an inoperative refrigerator are aimed at being completed within 48 hours. Routine repairs such as a dripping faucet or a broken window handle will be scheduled for the next available time slot.  We do not make appointments for service requests. If the matter becomes more urgent, please contact the management office.

Sometimes repairs need to be done by specialists instead of the maintenance staff. Those can include but are not limited to wiring replacement and extermination. Before a specialist is sent to your apartment, (except when the request is for pest control), a maintenance worker will observe the condition. The maintenance worker will try to resolve the repair. If he or she cannot resolve the problem, the management office will need to make an appointment to have a skilled tradesperson come to your apartment.

What numbers do we call for maintenance?
For routine maintenance, please call your site staff.

E-mail cannot be used for any emergency service needed

Village at Westerly Creek
720 .251 .2081

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Residences at First Avenue
303 .366 .2975
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Connections at 6th
720 .949 .1963
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Fletcher Gardens
303 .343 .8490

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Residences at Trolley Park
720 .858 .1445

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Summersong Townhomes and Ivy Hill
303 .696 .0698
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720 .900 .3078

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Peoria Crossing
720 .389 .7921

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Residences at Willow Park
303 .337 .4472

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