AHA Properties

The Housing Authority of the City of Aurora owns and manages many properties within its portfolio.  These properties may be affordable, where the rents are restricted and units are saved for households who make only a portion (usually from thirty (30) to sixty (60) percent) of the Area Median Income.  We have a number of subsidized units through our Public Housing and Project Based Assistance programs, although the demand is always greater than the available units.  Last, but certainly not least, we have a number of conventional properties where you can expect the same professional management we provide to those in our other programs.


In the Aurora area, low- and moderate-income households can have a very difficult time finding housing that is sustainable on their necessarily limited budgets. That’s why non-profit developers work closely with local governments and others to create and preserve housing for people at these income levels. AHA provides beautifully designed, professionally managed properties that are connected to services and amenities.


Rent-Assisted Housing

Public housing (both through the Public Housing program and the Project-Based Section 8 Program) offered by AHA provides low- to moderate-income households with funding from the government to aid in the payment for their rent. Residents must meet specific eligibility requirements. The subsidy makes up the difference between rental “market price” and the amount of rent paid, for example 30% of the household income.



The Housing Authority owns and manages comfortable and convenient market rate housing.  These locations may have some units with rent restrictions in order to support our mission, but they are always in line with comparable units in the area.