Annual and Five Year Plan

Aurora Housing Authority is required to submit a five year plan once every 5th PHA fiscal year and an Annual Plan every year.  The plans informs the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), residents, and the public of the strategies that addresses the needs of the people we serve.  The five year plan describes our mission, goals and objectives and the annual plan covers our policies and procedures.  It is an official document that is submitted to and reviewed by the local HUD office.

AHA’s 2022 Annual PHA Plan

Current 5-Year PHA Plan:  AHA’s 2020-2024 5-Year Plan (REVISED)

Previous Annual Plans

AHA 2021 revised Annual Plan

AHA 2021 Annual Plan

AHA 2020 Annual Plan

AHA 2019 Annual Plan

AHA 2018 Annual Plan

AHA 2017 Annual Plan

AHA 2016 Annual Plan

AHA Revised 2016 Annual Plan

AHA 2015 Five Year and Annual Plan