Exponent houses families. It is comprised of 24 two-bedroom units, 22 three-bedroom units, and 4 four-bedroom units. The site plan allows for ample open space for recreation and outdoor activities. Elementary school-aged children in these households will be able to walk to the nearby Highline Elementary School, part of the Cherry Creek School District. A small leasing/management office is located on the site for the convenience of the families.

Questions and Answers: 


  • What are the qualifications for residents at Exponent?
    All residents must meet or exceed the following qualifications:
    – Legal residency or citizenship should be considered required
    – No previous evictions
    – Cannot owe money to previous landlords or public housing authorities
    – Cannot owe money to utility companies
    – Household Income less than 61% of Area Median Income (no more than $53,940 for a family of four.)
    – Criminal background checks are conducted, although we look at a number of factors to determine eligibility, not just criminal history
    No registered sex offenders are allowed due to program requirements.
    – Other requirements may apply.


  • What else should I know?
    – The lease is a minimum 1-year lease with no short-term rentals or subletting allowed.
    – Residents must provide their income at entry, and annually thereafter.
    – All units are non-smoking (including vaping, hookah, “e-cigarettes,” and other methods.)
    – No pets are allowed on the property.


  • What are the rents?
    Because of program requirements, there are a wide range of rents. Our market rates are $1418 for a 2 bedroom,  $2031 for a 3 bedroom, and $2351 for a 4 bedroom.
    These are the upper limits to what you could pay – chances are you could pay much less!  Move fast, though – rates will go up in January!


  • How does AHA manage and maintain the units?
    AHA owns and manages over 725 units at 10 developments in the City of Aurora, with about 20 full-time management and maintenance staff.   AHA units are routinely inspected not only by AHA management, but also by project lenders, investors, the City, and the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA). Residential units are inspected a minimum of twice a year, and up to 6 times a year. The AHA main office is located 10 minutes from Exponent and provides ownership and management oversight.


  • How large are the units?
    Exponent consists of four separate buildings that range from 2 to 4 bedrooms with 14 townhome style units.  Square footage depends on unit type and ranges from 790 (2 bedroom, one bath) to 1644 sq. ft. (4 bedroom, 2 baths).


  • What is the parking situation?
    Some units have “tuck-under” parking right next to their back doors, others have off-street and carport parking. Space is limited!


  • How can I get additional information?
    The office should be able to answer your questions. exponent@aurorahousing.org, 720-900-3078 (voice, or TTY 7-1-1)