Village at Westerly Creek 3


The Village at Westerly Creek 3 (VWC3) is the third and final phase of the redevelopment of the Aurora Housing Authority’s (AHA) former Buckingham Gardens development. This consists of 24 senior (age 62+) one-bedroom ‘flats’.  These flats face each other around a central courtyard, and also have raised garden beds along one side of the site.  Similar to VWC1 and VWC2, there are ‘snowmelt’ sidewalks to allow for safe passage in inclement weather.  The residents in these units will work with the management and maintenance of VWC1 & 2, and be included in activities/events held as part of the existing senior community.  The architectural style incorporates elements found in VWC1 and VWC2 to complete the senior community.  The individual flats will appeal to those seniors who want greater independence.  

Questions and Answers: 

  • What is the completion date?
    VWC3 was opened in October of 2018, and is fully leased as of the end of 2018.
  • What are the qualifications for residents at VWC3?
    All qualifying residents must meet the following qualifications:

    – Age 62 years old and older
    – Legal residency or citizenship required

    – No previous evictions
    – Credit check
    – Cannot owe money to previous landlords, other housing authorities, or utility companies
    – Household Income less than 61% of Area Median Income.
    – Criminal background checks are conducted
    – No registered sex offenders

Residents must also provide thorough evidence of income at entry, and annually thereafter. All units are non-smoking (of any kind) and have a minimum 1 year lease with no short-term rentals or subletting allowed.

  • What are the rents?
    Rents will be based on program maximums, but the Market Rent is $1127.  
  • How does AHA manage and maintain the units?
    AHA owns and manages 720+ units at 9 developments in the City of Aurora, with 15+ full-time management and maintenance staff. VWC3 has an on-site (business hours only) Manager and maintenance staff.  AHA units are routinely inspected by both AHA management and project lenders, investors, the City, and the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA). Residential units are inspected a minimum of 2 times a year, and up to 6x/yr, with minimal disruption. Occupancy limits are always enforced. The AHA main office is located 10 minutes from VWC3 and provides additional ownership and management oversight.
  • How many units and how many stories?
    VWC3 consists of four, 1 story, row house style buildings with a total of 24 units.  Each unit has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom at 542-620 square feet.  


Pictures courtesy of Hannah Han with Aurora Housing Authority