Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

AHA’s Pandemic Response AHA Pandemic Response Plan

City of Aurora’s Resources 
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Colorado Department of Public Health

Apartment Association’s list of housing financial assistance programs

  • List of resources that are generally available to Colorado tenants who may be struggling to
    pay some of their rent amid Coronavirus. The organizations are broken down by state, state nonprofit,
    county and city resources. The organizations in the list below are not affiliated with the Colorado
    Apartment Association or any of its subsidiaries.


  • Connect to Essential Life Services (Money, Food, Shelter, etc.)
  • Retraining Opportunities
  • Jobs

Community-Campus Partnership’s list (click view flyer) that includes information and resources regarding the following topics: 

– General information & news
– Food resources
– Request assistance
– Medical resources
– Resources for kids
– Financial/utility information & resources
– Education & entertainment resources
– Giving opportunities
– Self care & mental health tips

Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering 

Interactive Map of Cases (Global)

Protect Yourself & Others! Learn Proper Hand Washing Technique: